Royal Gala

They are small to medium in size, short truncated cone-shaped, regular, yellow in colour, streaked with red on 60-70% of the fruit. In certain years the colour is insufficient. The flesh is white, crispy, juicy and has an excellent flavour. The fruit can be eaten immediately after harvesting or refrigerated for a few months without any loss at all of its excellent organoleptic characteristics. The apples are harvested in the second to third decade of August in at least two batches. They are well known and enjoy the specific demand of consumers. Numerous mutations have been made to obtain other varieties such as SCHNIGA and BUCKEYE with the aim of quality production characterised by excellent colouring and size 70+.

Golden Delicious

They are medium sized with a conical-oblong shape. The skin is thin with the presence of marked lenticels, greenish-yellow in colour when harvested and more intense yellow at the time of consumption. In unfavourable years or in particularly humid growing areas, the skin may be more or less rusty. The flesh is cream-coloured, crunchy, juicy, aromatic, very sweet and slightly acidic. Harvesting takes place in the second half of September. Harvesting too late is detrimental to the shelf life of the fruit. As a rule, one detachment is enough.

Morgenduft Dallago

They are large sized with a flattened spheroidal shape. The skin is rather thick, a little waxy, greenish-yellow in colour with bright striated red overcolour, including on the unexposed surface. The creamy white flesh is firm and crunchy when harvested, but tends to become flourier with storage. This apple ripens in the first ten days of October and is usually harvested in just one detachment.

Granny Smith

They are medium sized and spheroidal in shape. The skin is bright green with obvious white lenticels. Sometimes the most exposed fruits can turn yellow or take on a reddish overcolour, especially if picked late, thus being unpalatable to the market. The flesh is white, crunchy, juicy and typical because of its high acidity, which limits the perception of sugar. This apple has a good shelf life. It is harvested in the second ten days of October in a single detachment.


They are large sized, somewhat cylindrical in shape and very irregular. The rather unattractive colour is yellow-green with a washed-out red overcolour, sometimes brown, in some clones widespread, in others striped. In the fruit under canopy the colouration is very limited and the quality and flavour are also affected. It may have extensive russeting on even large portions of the skin, especially in the early years of production. The flesh is white, fine-textured, very crunchy, firm and juicy. The flavour is excellent, very sweet and slightly acidic. It stores well for a long time. Harvesting takes place in the first half of October, and several detachments are needed to encourage fruit colouring. Although lacking in aesthetic characteristics, this appears to be a superior quality apple due to its excellent flavour even after long storage.


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