They are medium sized, pyriform in shape and have a smooth, green skin when harvested, which then tends to turn yellow. This pear has little russeting, normally more widespread in the area near the stalk. The stalk is of average length. The flesh is whitish, fine, juicy, soft, sweet and with an excellent aroma. In addition to fresh consumption, the fruit is also in great demand for industrial processing. If refrigerated, it keeps for about 3-4 months. Harvesting, in the case of industrial use, takes place in the first ten days of August; by the middle of the month for fresh consumption.

Max Red Bartelett (Red William)

This variety is very similar to the William pear in shape, size and organoleptic characteristics, but differs from it in the red colouring of the skin. The duration in cold storage is 2-3 months, although it is subject to rot. It is intended for the fresh market only and is harvested about ten days after the William pear, from 15 to 20 August.


They are medium-sized, elongated pyriform in shape, yellowish-green in colour when ripe, with widespread, sometimes excessive russeting and evident lenticels. The stalk is long. The flesh is cream-coloured, juicy, soft, very sweet, with an excellent flavour and characteristic aroma. Harvesting takes place in the last ten days of August. Care must be taken to pick the fruit with the whole stalk.

Abate Fetel

They are medium to large sized, with an irregular elongated pyriform shape; yellowish-green in colour, sometimes orangey in the part exposed to the sun and with slight russeting, especially near the calyx cavity and in the stem area. The stalk is short. The flesh is white, firm, juicy and fine-textured. It has a good, aromatic, sugary flavour. The fruit keeps well for 4-5 months in cold storage. Harvesting takes place in the first ten days of September. If harvesting is delayed, shelf life is still good. It has a high commercial value due to its typical shape and qualities.


They are medium to large sized, with a squat pyriform shape, completely russet. The stem is long and of medium thickness. The flesh is yellowish-white, soft, of medium consistency, sugary, with a good taste. They can be kept in cold storage for 4-5 months. Harvesting takes place in the second week of September.


They have a large, globular shape; the skin is smooth, green in colour with the presence of lenticels, sometimes russety and evident. On the side exposed to the sun, this fruit may have a reddish overcolour. The stalk is short. The white flesh is fine, with excellent organoleptic qualities, juicy, soft and fragrant. It has a shelf life of 5-6 months. It requires care during harvesting and subsequent handling. It is harvested at the end of August.


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